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Who We Are

We are a small North New Jersey hobby farm that takes the utmost pride in what we raise, why we raise them but most importantly how we raise them. The most important aspect to our little farm is how we raise our fur and feathered friends and that's with Love and Affection !

39 years ago my husband grew up on a little 5 acre farm with all animals imaginable (except for cows! never got that far). Me, well, I grew up a semi - city girl and never imagined a bunny, chicken or goat in my future. Well one thing led to another and now I help him raise our family pets to give them the best possible family disposition. We pride ourselves on raising healthy, loving and simply irresistible pets! 

We are a Northern New Jersey Farmette that specializes in some of the most amazing pets you could imagine. We are known for our beautiful purebred blue-eyed Holland Lop bunnies in stunning colors that we can't get enough of ! What Sets us apart from everyone else is that we truly handle our baby buns from literally Day 1 of birth. We begin that human interaction with buns so when you receive your new best friend, that human/emotional bond is that much easier to create. But most importantly, our kids have their hands all over them when the bunnies are at the appropriate age for kids to handle them, that way when they go to you or your kids, handling isn't new to them. 

I feel like just when I say we are done buying buns, we end up flying to North Carolina or Washington State to buy another irresistible little bun. Our family of Holland Lop Rabbits are all 100% purebred with fantastic pedigrees. We only raise bunnies we can tend to and care for. If we don't keep this philosophy, then we would become a bunny factory and irresponsibly pump out buns! This started out as love & enjoyment and we keep it at that, simply said. We do not show our buns, but so many of our past bunny families have showed in 4H and have done so well ! We strictly breed for the tiniest sweetest Holland Lop bunnies and try to keep blue eyes in each litter. We keep our family of buns both indoors and outdoors. A few are lucky enough to be inside 100% of the time, however we make sure to devote time and enjoyment for all our buns.

On top of our Holland Lop bunnies for sale New Jersey, we also raise adorable Nigerian Dwarf goats. We only have a few ADGA certified goats we raise. They are more for fun because its alway so enjoyable to have baby goats around. I am very partial to Holland Lop bunnies, but wow baby goats might literally be the cutest things on the planet! Something that came with the wedding ring, were goats on my husbands little farm. I though he was crazy but now I find myself laughing at how hysterical their huge personalities are in those little bodies ! Also on the farmette are beautiful French Black Copper Marans chickens and Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Chickens. Both simply stunning, but I have to admit the dark terra-cotta colored eggs the BCM provide are truly amazing, on top of the curious and friendly temperaments they have!

We have been breeding Holland Lop bunnies for sale New Jersey for over 30 years, and we are sure that we can find the perfect new addition to your family.

We know that nowadays, you can just Google "Holland Lop for sale" on your phone, and pick the first result that comes up, but we want to stress that our #1 priority is raising healthy, happy bunnies for sale NJ and are not a factory breeder!  The extra care and attention that we give in breeding pedigreed Holland Lops for sale NJ results in a much happier, stress-free pet bunny that will be much more comfortable in your home.

We hope you enjoy the site and become as inspired with our breeds as we are ! Thanks and Enjoy your day! 


Purebred Holland Lop Bunnies Raised With Love And Affection

Raising Holland Lop Bunnies For Over 30 Years

We have over 30 years experience breeding Holland Lop bunnies for sale in New Jersey.

We will help you find the perfect Holland Lop bunny for your family!

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