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Sales Policy

We are a trusted Pet Breeder with a passion for animals. We breed for exceptional quality and ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards and because of this, we have a very strict sales policy to ensure everyone is protected, especially the bunnies. It's very important that bunnies begin their transition to their new homes at a young age of no less than 8 weeks where they can bond to their forever families. 

We are "closed" farmette where we do not allow anyone on to the farmette to practice 1. biosecurity (disease control) for all of our animals health and well being 2. safety to our own privacy 3. safety to others on the farmette. Especially during these difficult times, we don't hold appointments or meetings with pets to choose which is best. Unfortunately for two reasons ... most of our buns have deposits before they barely even open their eyes and secondly its not fair for our animals to meet ten people/kids a day, while trying to live a relaxed lifestyle. We post a lot on Instagram and can always send you videos and photos to those which are serious only. Our pets safety and security comes first and that should be everyones first priority !

All deposits are non-refundable.

When bunnies become available, typically $50 non-refundable deposits are accepted thru PayPal or Venmo, which is usually around 4 weeks of age unless we have families with no color/gender/eye color concerns. Bunnies range in price from $350 to $650, which depends on coloring, gender and eye color decided at time of listing. Prices are absolutely non negotiable. We will not accept a higher offering price to move you up in line, nor will we negotiate a lower price. Please respect our sales policy and respect everyone's early action whom are in front of you in line.

IMPORTANT: When you choose a bunny of your choice, you are assigned to him or her and can no longer pick/trade/swap for a new bunny! At that point on the website we will post which are reserved and still available. We are very good at updating the site, but we are on a new website and still ironing things out.  We will arrange a location (usually the town police station for both our safety) and a date/time. New bunny owners need to arrive on time with a suitable carrier for transporting. We will provide a nice "to-go" package of a nice twist of Timothy hay that should last a week and baggie of food which will help to transition your little one ! We will also provide a care sheet to help get your little one settled in safely and properly. Remaining balance is due in Cash only, and at pick up. We can provide Pedigrees, however we charge an additional $100. The reason for this fee is that we have found way too many fly by night "breeders" on craigslist and hoobly among other sites make fake pedigrees on mixed lop bunnies they buy at auctions/these named we charge this in order to prevent this falsifying pedigrees! Its such a shame, but its true and apart of the bunny world right now. 

All bunnies are healthy to the best of our knowledge. Rabbits are healthy in general and do not require shots or doctors visits. Humans on the other hand, should also be aware if it is healthy to live with a bunny. Allergies are a serious concern and prior to requesting to hold a bunny, please be aware of any allergic or other matters you and your family may face. Additionally, We can't guarantee what happens when a bunny leaves our hands, however if in the event something terrible happens .. we will do our best to work with you and the vet that takes care of your bun but proof will need to be provided by your vet and our vet ( as we will have our vet look at the sick/deceased body ) that the cause of death was our fault. Being pet owners of different breeds ( and children ) we recommend a pet safety kit to keep on hand. Such items just in case they have digestion problems or become lethargic not eating etc. These unfortunately are the most common causes of death.  In the unfortunate event you decide you can no longer care for the bunny, we will more than gladly take him or her back and try to find them a new home. There are no returns or exchanges on any bunny once they leave our hands! 

We receive the right to cancel any sale. We have been doing this for along time and must feel comfortable the pet of your dreams that we raised with love and care is going to the right home with the right ingredients to live a happy and healthy life. In the event, we decide (even after a deposit has been placed) the home is not suitable, we will refund the deposit to you and place the bunny back up for adoption. Each new bunny owner must show they have the capabilities to care and love for a new bunny regardless of how easy bunnies can be to house. Their well being is our utmost responsibility and concern!


Purebred Holland Lop Bunnies Raised With Love And Affection

Raising Holland Lop Bunnies For Over 30 Years

We will help you find the perfect Holland Lop bunny for your family!

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