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Hear what other happy families say about their Holland Lop Bunnies from The Hop Along Farmette!

“I still can’t believe how sweet our little Bluey is. We did so much research before deciding to buy with you guys and so happy we did.  Bluey has settled in so nicely and became one of the family.  He’s 6month old now and truly free roaming!  Thanks so much we love this tiny little guy to pieces! “

Linda - Binghamton NY

“Hey guys just wanted to send you message as it’s been over a year!  Our kids named this tiny little Holland Lop bunny we bought from you Sammy and she’s really awesome.  I was skeptical about buying a bunny but couldn’t be more happy.  I’m still shocked how a rabbit can be such a cool pet.  She’s so tiny and has the best personality.  100% house trained too.  Again, thanks so much and hope you enjoy the videos we attached of her! “

James - Albany NY

“In love!  We are absolutely in love with little Jelly Bean!  She is so darn cute and just a little doll with our kids.  We bought her for the kids but I swear I love her more than them hah!  The kids carry her around everywhere they go and treat her like she’s a doll, but the best part is that little Jelly Bean isn’t even phased!  I think she loves it haha thanks again and we’ll send you our Christmas card of our adorable little Holland Lop!"

Lauren - Philadelphia PA

"Just wanna give you an update on the Holland Lop bunny we bought from you last year.  She's been doing great!  Very active and a bit of a diva at times, but really smart.  We love her so much!  Thanks again!"

NYC, New York City

"Our little Rusty enjoys the outdoors when he's not in the house.  He's such a good boy!  We adore him!  🐰"

R, Rockaway, NJ


Purebred Holland Lop Bunnies Raised With Love And Affection

Raising Holland Lop Bunnies For Over 30 Years

We will help you find the perfect Holland Lop bunny for your family!

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