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French black copper Marans hatching eggs

In 2008 my husband saw something online about chocolate egg laying chickens and figured he would give it a try. Wellll .. its snowballed into something awesome! We truly have some of the darkest and more importantly, largest eggs in the area. Our line of French Black Copper Marans originate from Greenfire Farms APA, Cottage Hill and Little Peddler. One of my favorite aspects to our line of BCM is that they are seriously the friendliest but also quietest birds on our Farmette. They fly up to the top of the gate to meet us for neck rubs (food too of course ) but don't say peep ! Honestly just the most docile and quietest birds on the farmette, they are just EGGSellent !

Each year we are constantly working to not only maintain our line, because of how happy we are with it, but who doesn't want darker & larger eggs ! We are very active on EBAY from Spring to Fall shipping country wide for $65 per dozen of fertile hatching eggs plus the cost of shipping and handling. We do not ship chicks unfortunately, but feel free to send a message if you have a broody hen available or interested in incubating your own! 

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French Black Copper Marans

Jumbo Terra-Cotta Colored Eggs

About the Eggs

What else can we say about our eggs other than WOW! Eggs colors never stop amazing us how they can vary from dark chocolate sometimes 8s in Spring/early Summer to beautifully speckled terra-cotta. On top of the beautiful egg color and jumbo egg size with that nice dense shell, they have a gorgeous marigold yolk to complete the package ! Delicious !

The Girls

Although we have absolutely beautiful birds on the farm, the French Black Copper Marans we have grown are just our favorites and not just because of the eggs. Simply the friendliest, most inquisitive and gentlest chickens on the farm ( even better than the handful of bearded silkies we raise someone 2021!) Always around our feet making their silly noises and waiting for treats and pets.

Black and White Star in Circle

The Flock

We keep a semi smaller flock of one - two roos and up to 10-12 breeders which we sell their fertile eggs. Each spring we leg band our jumbo egg layers and darkest layers. Through the season we monitor their laying patterns and from there we will remove our weakest layers and keep them with our production layers or sell them off as family pets. This helps to keep our egg levels where we can be productive and not overdue the girls.

If you are new to French Black Copper Marans, they are typically very seasonal here in the NorthEast. They will lay thru the winter in moderation, however spring - summer is when they hit their stride and will lay very consistently. BCM will always lay their darkest eggs throughout the spring and early summer, but as the seasons progress .. their ink sprayer begins to run out! This is why we leg band and monitor which is laying the darkest and largest eggs in the spring/summer and choose to incubate those eggs for next years layers. This helps those customers which are buying in the late summer / fall (when the girls egg sprayer runs low) to make sure even though the eggs may not be as dark as the pictures you see on the site, they will be when their chicks grow to adults and begin laying !


Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Since we have introduced our lovely Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens to the farmette, it has evolved into something spectacular. We have worked so hard to accomplish the deep dark red and lack of rust in the red feathering. To also obtain and keep the rose comb and wattles throughout all offspring. Whether for show or eye candy, these are truly stunning birds on any farm or farmette ! We selling these beautiful medium cream colored fertile hatching eggs for $50 per dozen. Please message us as we typically have a few week lead time as we are very active on EBAY and consistently shipping eggs April - September across the country.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

our little goofballs

These little knuckleheads are mostly for our own enjoyment and pleasure. We don't typically sell many kids during a year as we try not to overbreed our does which is why we are selling our herd sire this year.  Now, our herd is completely ADGA registered and mostly blue eyed!  They are fed only the finest hay from the area, but mostly from out West, USA. Yup, we get our hay from out west ( mostly Oregon & Washington State )because their second cut Orchard and Alfalfa hay is pure gold for the goats! They say it's the salt air from the Pacific Ocean which makes it grown so tender. Not sure but it works! When we do offer one of the kids, for sale we will add to our Available Pets section. We try to offer. Literally from the minute they are born, we are in the stall making sure momma and babies are doing well. I mean come on, baby goats are simply precious!

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