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Mamma & Pappa buns

~~ It doesn't take much for a bunny to make your heart smile ~~

Ollie - Breeding buck ‘20

Ollie is such a cutie. One of our tiniest bucks and already acts like a spoiled rotten pet ! Loves lounging and chin rubs. He has well proportioned short to round ear length with a beautiful crown display. One think we especially love about him is his body length. Short! Some bucks can tend to be long as they mature but he’s proven that wrong. Such a wonderful treat to have him be apart of our rabbitry. 


Twinkle - Brood Doe ‘19

Twinkle is our little princess. She absolutely loves nose rubs and a huge fan of fresh parsley! Really just a delight to have and a wonderful mother. Her are eyes are a tad deeper and more turquoise than some others making her so unique. We truly love it!


Oreo - Brood Doe ‘20

Oreo is a our beautiful broken black doe with brown eyes. Lovely crown development and shorter ear length. An absolute sweetheart and cuddler. Our kids wrap her in blankets and watch movies with her when we bring her in. Truly tiny weighing in just over 2lbs before she became a brood momma bun for us.


Lolla - Doeling ‘21

Truly a beautiful and fantastic momma. Just turned a year old December 2021 and just had her first litter in January 2022.  What a wonderful job she did. She’s petite with a beautiful coat and color to her. Beautiful brown eyes. She’s tiny so we don’t expect her to have large litters but so far we have been thrilled !


S’mores - Doeling ‘21

Our little doeling from Oreo ! She’s tiny just like her mom. Wonderful disposition and true Holland lop features that we breed for. Short round ears with a nice flat forehead into the crown. Slightly bigger than Lolla at 2.9lbs so we hope she carries 4 babies each litter! 


Toffee - Doeling 21’

Toffee is our second smallest doe! After having her first litter she is still only 2.3lbs. An absolutely true dwarf with the sweetest personality ever. Not afraid to be held or come out of her hutch for her parsley and Timothy cube treats! We are so excited for her to be in our breeding program ! 


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