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The First Days of Bringing Your New Holland Lop Rabbit Home

Updated: May 14, 2023


Bunny Care 101 For Holland Lops

Caring for Holland Lops


Love And Affection for Your Entire Family

Holland Lops Are Great Pets!

Having a Holland Lop bunny as part of your family is an incredible experience and is more than rewarding for the effort in raising them. Holland Lop Rabbits have such cute personalities, are so clean, are easy to care for, and are great as a first time pet.

Nothing But Love

These adorable lop-eared bunnies known as Holland Lops seek only love and affection from their owners. Holland Lop Rabbits can live for up to twelve years.

They Are Smart And Friendly

Holland Lops are very smart rabbits -- they can be taught behaviors and can even be trained to use a litter box! Holland Lops love being around people and are great with children and other animals.

Life With Holland Lop Bunnies

Holland Lops are generally low-maintenance pets, and one of the more relaxed breeds of rabbits, but there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure that your new pet rabbit is happy and healthy in their new home with your family.

Holland Lops Are Great For Families

Families all over are adding Holland Lop pet rabbits to their homes. With a little care, you will be enjoying those floppy ears in no time.

Preparing For Your Bunny's Arrival

A pet rabbit, same as any new pet, is a big addition to your home, so it is worth it to prepare for its arrival so everybody is happy and comfortable.

Holland Lops Have Needs Too!

Holland Lops are easy to care for after learning what they like and don't like. Holland Lop bunnies have needs just like you!

Get Prepared For Your New Holland Lop Rabbit

It is important to know what to expect when bringing your new Holland Lop rabbit home for the first time.

Caring for the Holland Lop breed of rabbit is fairly simple -- they like to be happy, healthy, and stress-free.

Do Your Homework

Holland Lops are friendly and cute, but they can also be very excitable and a handful for the unprepared new Holland Lop rabbit parent. Be sure to understand what is needed for when you bring your new Holland Lop home to your family.


The Important Stuff

Let Your Holland Lop Settle In

Give Your Bunny Time

What works best, in our long-term experience, is to give your new baby Holland Lop a few days to settle in before turning its new life with you everything you hoped and dreamed it would be.

Avoid New Surprises

Baby Holland Lops, just like any new baby animal, are very sensitive and delicate. New surroundings, smells and noises can be very scary for your bunny. Remember to give him or her a few days to settle in, acclimate and to pee and poop! (Yes, Pee and Poop!)

Keep Your New Bunny Happy And Stress-Free

Stress Is No Good!

Holland Lop bunnies have a pretty easy life, and they don't like stressful situations. Take special care to protect your new baby Holland Lop rabbit from any outside stimulus that might upset them or scare them. Holland Lops are affected by stress, and it usually shows up in problems with their digestive system.

Keep Their Bunny Tummies Healthy!

A healthy digestive system is one of the utmost important things to worry about with a new Holland Lop bunny! Holland Lops are a dwarf rabbit breed, and have small, sensitive stomachs that need to be cared for delicately in the very beginning of their bunny lives.

Give Them Enough Food And Drink

Making sure food, hay and water remain consistent to how they left The Hop Along Farmette is important to keep their bunny stress levels low! A well-fed, well-watered, and comfortable Holland Lop rabbit is a happy, healthy Holland Lop!

Be Careful Of Upset Stomachs

A highly stressed Holland Lop rabbit can become very sick quickly turning to GI Stasis, which is extremely dangerous and deadly for Holland Lop rabbits of all ages. All new Holland Lop rabbit owners should do as much research on GI Stasis from a preventative and responsive perspective. Of all lop-eared rabbits, Holland Lops are particularly sensitive to these issues.

Let Your Bunny Acclimate To Its New Home

Don’t be scared, just know that like any other pet, new baby Holland Lops need some time to warm up and come out of their furry shells. You got this! Soon you will be a Holland Lop expert!

Eating And Drinking

Make Sure Bunny Is Eating And Drinking

With the scary stuff out of the way, making young Holland Lops are eating and drinking, which leads

to healthy bowel movements, is big step.

Holland Lop Bunnies Need Lots Of Love!

Remember, giving these little lop-eared bunnies time doesn’t mean leaving them in their new hutch and walking away for a few days. It just means, giving them space and time but lots of love and attention is important. The Holland Lop rabbit likes to take things slow, but needs love too.

Handle With Care

Quiet, gentle handling at first to establish that safe bond with your new bunny Holland Lop family member is important. Let your new Holland Lop bunny know you are its safe haven and they will trust you from that point on!


Caring For New Holland Lop Rabbits

Happy Holland Lops

Full Of Personality

Holland Lop rabbits are a dwarf rabbit breed and although they are super tiny in size, they have massive wonderful personalities.

Holland Lop Temperaments

Here in Northern New Jersey, we pride ourselves on breeding wonderfully well-rounded Holland Lops that you and your family can enjoy. Do the homework and ask the questions to make sure when you bring your new baby Holland Lop home that he or she is welcomed with loving, prepared arms.

Be Sure To Give Lots Of Love

Remember it starts with love and affection, from there the sky is the limit as to what you two can create! Another popular question we get about Holland Lops for sale and during the purchasing process is litter training them.

Your Hard Work Will Pay Off!

Don't feel overwhelmed! You will quickly see why Holland Lops are one of the most popular pet bunnies for families and children. They are a low-maintenance breed of rabbit, but like all pet rabbits and lop rabbit breeds, they need special care and affection.

Adorable Holland Lops Will Win Your Heart

The quirky, unique personalities of Holland Lops will quickly win over your heart, and make all the love and care you put into raising your Holland Lop rabbit worth the investment. You will quickly see

why Holland Lop rabbits are one of the most popular rabbit breeds all over the world!

The First Steps To Holland Lop Bunny Care

Taking care of Holland Lops is easy when you know what they need to be happy little Holland Lop bunnies!

In our next few blog posts, we will talk a little more about litter training your new Holland Lop and and also house-training Holland Lop rabbits!


Northern New Jersey's Experienced Breeder Of Holland Lops

Experts On Raising The Holland Lop

With over 30 years of experience, The Hop Along Farmette is one of the leading authorities on breeding and caring for the Holland Lop rabbit.

Further Reading On Caring For Your Holland Lop Bunny

The Holland Lop is one of the most popular lop rabbit breeds, and is loved by families all over the world. It might just be the best breed of rabbit to bring into your family!

There are many adorable breeds like the Mini Rex, Mini Lops, and Mini Lop Bunnies. You can just Google "baby bunnies for sale near me" but Google won't bring you pedigreed quality Holland Lops baby bunnies! We have lovely bunnies, baby bunnies, Mini Lop bunnies, Mini Lops, and Mini Rex bunnies available. For the best floppy eared bunny for sale, go to The Hop Along Farmette!

Be sure to check the American Rabbit Breeders Association for more info on all Lop Bunny breeds and Holland Lop videos, too!

Families all over the world enjoy having Holland Lop bunnies as adorable pets. Be sure to check out our other articles full of knowledge on how to care for your family's new Holland Lop bunny.

Give Your Bunny Its Best Life

The more you learn, the more you can ensure your Holland Lop bunnies have everything they need in order to live their happiest, healthiest Holland Lop lives with your family. Soon you will see why Holland Lop rabbits are one of the most popular pet bunnies all over the country!


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Raising Holland Lop Bunnies For Over 30 Years

We will help you find the perfect pet Holland Lop bunny for your family!

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