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Why Do More Families Choose The Hop Along Farmette For Their New Pet Bunny Than Anyone Else?

Updated: May 14, 2023


Northern New Jersey's Experienced Holland Lop Breeder

30 Years Experience Breeding Holland Lop Bunnies

What Makes Us Special

Here at The Hop Along Farmette, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide each and every family with a healthy and happy Holland Lop bunny.

We've listed The 10 Best Things About Holland Lop Bunnies, so you know we are crazy about Holland Lops!

Happy Bunnies For Happy Families

Our main goal when offering Holland Lop bunnies for sale is to ensure that whichever adorable pet bunny you choose to make your furrever friend, that he or she has a wonderfully well-rounded disposition.


Our Holland Lop Bunnies

Quality Rabbits Raised With Love And Affection

Our Holland Lop Breeding Stock

Our Holland Lop rabbits are 100% purebred with pedigrees. Each Holland Lop rabbit we own has carefully been sourced throughout the country, bred for the correct Holland Lop (not Mini Lop rabbit) standards.

Finally, when we feel the rabbits have reached a nice comfortable age, we retire them and all remain at the farm to live a life of comfort and luxury!

Tiny Holland Lop Bunnies

Our Holland Lops are carefully bred and chosen to only produce tiny Holland Lop bunnies. Yes, Tiny! We often take videos of our mommas in a measuring scale to actually show you just how little these Holland Lops are.

Our parents range in size from 2.25lbs to 3.2lbs. Although the standard ranges to 4lbs max, we do not cross that 3.25 lb threshold so you can truly enjoy a dwarf rabbit. Contrary to Mini Lop rabbits for sale, which are double the size at 6lbs, we only breed Holland Lop rabbits!

Keeping with the small dwarf rabbit compact size, it makes for a much more manageable sized Holland Lop rabbit.

Beautiful Babies And Rare Colors

In addition to size and temperament, our pedigreed Holland Lops can come in rare colors. The beautiful babies can also have the often-desired blue-eyed white combination.

Socialized And Friendly Holland Lop Bunnies

Here in Northern New Jersey, we go through every obstacle to socialize our Holland Lops in different situations to help make that new transition to your home as effortless and with the least amount of stress on baby bunny and the family.

Love And Attention From Both Children And Pets

Part of our socialization program includes different interactions with our pets including a dog and a cat since so many people already have a first pet at home. These familiar interactions help to make that new meeting with your dog or cat that much easier and worry free for your new Holland lop bunny.

We also make sure that as adults, we interact with them both vocally and physically. Every chance we get we, we hold them, carry them, sing to them and play with them.

Lastly, we make sure our children play with them. Since so many families are buying for their children, we make sure that your little Holland Lop bunny is ready for the daily interactions with those little hands in the house.

Our Family's Gentle Holland Lop Care

Holland Lops like to be held, but kids aren’t always the best with handling and caring.

Be sure to check out our Instagram to see videos of our kids playing with the baby Holland Lop bunnies. Hopefully these examples will help teach your kids the right and wrong way to play and hold

the baby Holland Lop bunny, whether you live locally in Northern New Jersey or across the country!

Getting The Baby Holland Lop Bunny Ready For Your Family

For any Holland Lop bunny to enter a completely new environment, not recognizing any new sights, sounds or smells, it’s important as a Holland Lop breeder that we do all we can to ready them for you and make that step worry free for both of you.


Our Experience Breeding Holland Lops

30 Years Breeding Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale

What separates The Hop Along Farmette from every other pop-up place that offers Holland Lop bunnies for sale is that we have been doing this for over 30 years right out of our small family farm in Northern New Jersey!

With that in mind, we understand how terrible the lop-eared bunny rabbit breeding market can be, as we have seen so many Holland Lop breeders, and individuals that claim to breed rabbits, come and go!

Here are some things that set us apart from other Holland Lop breeders:

  • We don’t breed for holidays or gifts!

  • We don’t over-breed our Momma Bunnies that do such a wonderful job for us!

  • We don’t breed our rabbits in terrible, unsanitary conditions!

Beware Of Others Offering Holland Lops For Sale

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous individuals are offering Holland Lop bunnies for sale on Craigslist and other questionable channels. We’ve been there sadly when we have gone to buy from these “breeders”, it’s terrible and so sad for these bunnies to live in filthy situations.

Other rabbit breeders will try to capitalize on trendy rabbit breeds such as Netherland Dwarfs or Mini Lops, but not The Hop Along Farmette. We only offer Holland Lop bunnies for sale, and it's what we do best.

A Family Farm For Pet Bunnies In New Jersey

Our commitment to you is that we don’t just offer lop-eared rabbits for sale, or dwarf lop rabbits that can so easily been tongue twisted, we only offer Holland Lop bunnies for sale, "no ifs ands or buts!"

Quality Holland Lop Rabbits Come With Quality Customer Service

One of the many things we can promise is clarity. We house these adorable lop-eared bunnies both indoors and outdoors while socializing the heck out of them. To prove to you, and not just write it in an advertising campaign, we capture it each week just for you. We post weekly if not daily all our Holland lop bunny play times right in our own living room and backyard to our Instagram channel @thehopalongfarmette. We don’t just say we raise our Holland Lops indoors as advertisement or slick marketing, we actually do it and capture it just for you! Through daily interactions like these, we can guarantee a well-rounded perfect Holland Lop bunny with a lovely disposition. We take pride in our reputation as being the Number 1 most trusted Northern New Jersey Holland Lop Rabbit breeder for the most perfect Holland Lops for sale!

Education On Holland Lop Bunny Care

Finally, with all of our Holland Lop bunnies for sale here in Northern Jersey, we encourage all our families buying from us to ask tons of questions and inquire. The more you want to know from us solidifies that you truly care for your new family member. A few questions we often get about these little fluff balls include, are they sweet or how big will they get or is it a Mini Lop rabbit. So to keep it simple we want to answer a few of these questions about our Holland Lops (not Mini Lop rabbits) before we get more in detail in our other blogs.


The Best Holland Lop Bunnies For Sale in Northern New Jersey

After reading about our 30 years of experience raising Holland Lops, it is easy to see why we are one of the oldest and most popular breeders offering Holland Lop bunnies for sale in Northern New Jersey and beyond!

Don’t be mistaken by our absolutely adorably tiny Holland Lops as being quiet and boring bumps on a log. The Holland Lops for sale here at The Hop Along Farmette have the biggest, brightest personalities. Always bred and socialized to be gentle and easily-handled bunnies, our Holland Lops are sure to make a huge welcoming impact on your family. We do the hard part -- all you need to do is provide a warm, healthy loving and caring home and the rest will fall into place!

Remember, it all starts with Love and Affection!

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Purebred Holland Lop Bunnies, Raised With Love And Affection

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Raising Holland Lop Bunnies For Over 30 Years

We will help you find the perfect pet Holland Lop bunny for your family!

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