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How To Prepare For Bringing Your Adorable New Holland Lop Bunny Home!

Updated: May 14, 2023

Bringing Your New Pet Holland Lop Bunny Home

First let's start with CONGRATULATIONS! So exciting and so much fun. Not only are Holland Lop rabbits the cutest lop-eared bunnies in the whole world, they are smallest most cozy little companions ever. With that out of the way, let’s get into the nitty gritty of bringing that little bunn home.

Picking The Bunny's New Home

The first thing to take into consideration when bringing baby bunn home is where will he or she will stay and what type of accommodations will they stay in. We always recommend a location in the house that is close to the sights and sounds of the family members but also far enough away that when its time for him or her to relax and be a bunny, it can be quiet and peaceful for them. Such things as, staying away from direct sunlight for long hours, not directly in the path of a heating or air conditioning vent. Lastly something to consider is we are all human, cleaning your new Holland Lop’s litter box every couple days although sounds doable and great probably won't happen as often as we all like. So keep in mind those smells too.

Setting Up The Cage, Bed, Food, And Water

Holland Lops rabbits do very well in hutches and our favorite for dwarf lop-eared rabbits is Living Habitat. We recommend it because it has higher sides than most which keep the bedding in as the bunny plays in their cage. Bedding is important. We recommend CareFresh as it is virtually dust free and non toxic, plus it comes in fun colors the family will enjoy mixing up every month or so. Make sure your Holland Lop bunny has a clean water bowl or bottle at all times and food bowl that's attached to the hutch. In our experience, the bunny will eventually flip over a bowl and make a mess trying to get the food pellets under the bedding. A litter box is a must. Check out our previous blog post on litter training. Will help to keep the hutch clean!

Hay And Food Pellets

Now that you have your hutch situated and ready for food and water, make sure to have Timothy hay and food pellets ready for your new Holland Lop bunny’s arrival. When you pick up your new pet Holland Lop bunny from us, we will provide you with a few weeks worth of pellets and some hay. So having your pellets ready at your home for the transition is best rather then to wait till last minute. We always recommend a 15% protein pellet for Holland Lop rabbits. It's an ideal protein as Holland Lops are a true dwarf rabbit breed and need lower protein than larger breeds.

Choosing A Travel Carrier

Lastly, be sure to have a nice safe travel carrier for your bunny. Remember Holland Lops although they are dwarf rabbit breed, make sure to get a carrier they can grow into when they are an adult. One that fits your Holland Lop bunny weighing a pound won't accommodate them as a 3-pound adult.

Give The Bunny Time To Adjust

Finally remember when you bring your Holland Lop bunny home, that as long as you have everything prepared for him or her, give them some quiet time to adjust. Let them see, smell and hear you, but give them time before you carry them around and introduce them to the world. We recommend the first day let them be in their hutch with quiet, short interactions. The second day we recommend handling them in short increments as to not scare them and allow both of you to understand each other. Let them gain that confidence to trust you and your new Holland Lop bunny will be your new best friend! Patience with lots of love is a perfect recipe for a lifetime of happiness with your new Holland Lop bunny!

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